Amaravati Buddhist Monastery is a community of monks and nuns practising in the Theravada tradition. Lay people, Buddhist and others, are also welcome to visit or stay here as guests, and live with the monastic community.

The place is open from the early morning, when the community gathers for the morning meditation, until after the evening meditation. The gates are open from 6.30 am until 9.30 pm, or sometimes later if there is a meditation vigil. If you are new to the tradition, or it is your first visit, you may like to come around late morning. This is when we gather to receive the meal and there are usually other visitors or monastics available for asking questions. Or, you could join in one of the meditation workshops held every Saturday afternoon.

Visitors come from all over the world. Some come for a few hours or for the day; others stay for a weekend, a few days, or longer.  Perhaps they bring an offering, or want to learn meditation, or to have a time of refuge from the stresses of the world. Amaravati provides the opportunity to deepen their understanding of Buddhism and of themselves, in an environment that encourages peaceful reflection

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